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Meet Harry Brierley, Apprentice Engineer…

This week, our ‘get to know’ interview is with Harry Brierley, our Apprentice Engineer who joined when he was just 16, coming straight to us from school.

We took some time to find out more about Harry and what his life is like outside of his apprenticeship…

Why did you choose Ergro?

“From my interview, I could see that Ergro is a close-knit and supportive company. I think this is perfect for what I’m doing to complete my apprenticeship. I also enjoy that every day is different; it keeps you thinking, so I don’t get bored. Coming straight from school, I had no previous experience working on the tools, so I saw it as an opportunity to learn something completely new to me.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“In 5 years, I will be a qualified engineer after completing my 4-year course at college. I’m interested in taking these skills abroad, maybe to a place like Australia. The end goal would be to work my way up the ladder into a more managerial role or to open my own firm.”

What did you dream you would be when you grew up?

“My dream job would be to be a pilot. I like going to other countries, so doing that regularly would be great. Plus, you’d see some of the best views.”

What do you like outside of work?

“I’m a fairly sporty person. Growing up, I played football every weekend and still try to play every Sunday. I’ve recently taken up golf and try to play twice a week. I’ve also set myself the goal of trying to run a sub-20-minute 5k.”