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Meet Brodie Tse – Ergro Senior Contract Support

Brodie Tse – Ergro Senior Contract Support

This week, meet Brodie Tse – our Senior Contract Support now 8 years into his career progression at Ergro.

Having joined us as a Trainee Administrator in 2015, Brodie has continually advanced in his positions and proven to be a highly valued member of the team.

We caught up with him in this week’s Meet The Team interview…

What’s your earliest memory of Ergro?:
“My original job title was Trainee Administrator. I remember they used to do networking events that I’d go to, which were pretty cool. They did a family BBQ day and I think that’s my earliest memory. It was nice to meet everyone’s partners and family. In my first year I can’t remember a lot of what I did, I just did everything. I remember I built a chair once and it took me about 3 hours to build it!”

What do you like about your job?:
“I enjoy who I work with both internally and externally as well. I enjoy the problem solving and working with the engineers. I think I’m quite good at my job to be fair. Nothing phases me now.”

What is something you think everyone should learn?:
“I saw a TikTok about this the other day and I completely agreed. Sign language – it’s universal. I can go and talk to someone French and it would mean the same thing. Oh and Finance to be fair, so everyone knows the value of the pound.”

What subject were you best at growing up?:
“Geography probably, I was quite good, well very good at capital cities to be honest. And English Literature. I quite liked Media Studies too.“

If you had a talk show, who would you invite on?:
“They would probably all be sports related. Probably Arsène Wenger because I’m a big Arsenal fan. The next one would be Tyson Fury, just because he’s a funny bloke. And maybe Lenny Henry.”