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Did You Know Ergro Provide Full Validation and Fault Finding?…

If you need accurate facts about what is going on with your building’s M&E services, Ergro’s specialist team of engineers provide full validation and fault finding services, across the full range of mechanical and electrical services, including commercial gas and air conditioning, all in-house!
Every validation or fault finding starts with the basics and our experienced engineers know not to immediately focus on what is assumed to be wrong.

Our comprehensive process covers the fundamentals first, focussing on industry leading manufacturer training and experience (such as our Daikin D1+ Premium partnership), empowering our operatives to confidently progress through the next routine phases of system operation interrogation (utilising wired/bluetooth service checkers), enabling a methodical and time-efficient diagnosis.

In March we were sought by a client in need, with 12 Daikin VRV IV+ systems that were installed in 2019, providing heating and cooling to over 300 fancoil units in an apartment building, with only 4 systems operational.

Our fast fault-finding procedures were enacted and our experts quickly ascertained that the system issues ranged from communication issues on the network – due to power being switched off to some units, as well as compressor PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) which had failed. We had to temporarily programme these out to enable the systems to run whilst parts could be replaced. We then left the building occupants with a functioning system, with all 12 VRVs back up and running.
The client was highly satisfied and is looking to appoint the Ergro team for future service delivery on the site.

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