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Next up – AHU refurbishment at City University of London…

This week the Ergro Projects team have been awarded an Air Handling Unit (AHU) refurbishment contract from our long standing client, City University of London.

The full refurbishment of 4 x AHU’s at the University’s Bayes building, includes the following works:

• Validating existing AHU installation
• Refurbishing existing AHU’s (supply & extract), replacing fans to obtain a target of at least 15% duty increase
• Replacement of frost coils, electrical starter gear and inverters
• Refurbishing and cleaning entire AHU internally and externally, treating any corrosion
• Inspecting and cleaning thermal wheel, inclusive of controls and drive motors
• Replacement/repair of any damaged/missing thermal insulation and valve boxes
• Upgrading manometers and tubing
• Upgrading AHU lighting to LED

With tightly restricted access to the internal plant rooms within the building, we will be pre-fabricating bespoke pre-heat coils off-site in sections, for ease of installation.

The educational facility will also remain occupied throughout our works, requiring a strategically phased programme to ensure each AHU refurbishment is completed and fully operational before work can begin on the next unit. This will allow air changes to continue within the property without causing any discomfort to staff, students and visitors.