Ergro is delighted to have achieved the National Award for excellence in the following categories leadership, absence management, health and safety, mental health, smoking and tobacco, physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol and substance misuse and the environment.

Our QSHE team consisting of Lesley Quinn, Andy Carter and Kaylie Rollin have worked tirelessly to ensure that procedures and processes were in place for our staff and clients in relation to health and wellbeing. Over the years, Ergro has implemented numerous initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of its staff for both office and remote working. As a medium sized organisation, we wanted to act as a leader in adopting a healthy business culture.

Lesley has dedicated her time and effort to applying for the Kent and Medway Healthy Business Excellence Award in order to showcase and highlight the lengths Ergro takes to ensuring the health of their staff is maintained.

The Kent and Medway Healthy Business Awards held on Thursday 17th November 2016 recognised the achievements of businesses across the county. Ergro achieved the highest level of excellence across all measurements.

We would like to thank Kent County Council and in particular Kas Hardy for her time and efforts in helping us to achieve this milestone.

Paul Martin, Ergro’s Managing Director commented – “I am so proud of our teams for embracing the initiatives of employee wellbeing and a highly developed Health and Safety culture. This award recognises Ergro’s continual commitment to ensuring a happy and healthy company”.