Preliminary findings of key research that has implications for employers shows that more than one in three employees (38%) in UK businesses say that air conditioning, heating, water and overall environment at their workplace is a source of regular grumbling.

The finding is a sneak preview of the latest Effective and Productive Workplaces (Ergronomics) research of 1,000 UK workers by Populus which is due to be published in full in September 2015. Chris Wollen, of research sponsors Ergro, said: ‘Our research shows that talking about other employees or the boss are not the only subjects that people discuss over coffee in the kitchen. Thinking about air conditioning alone, which is a regular topic of discussion at this time of year, it is often simply not balanced correctly or well maintained; and that prevents an optimum level of comfort being provided. But when air conditioning is well managed most workplaces can enjoy good climate control for all, which our research also showed is vital for productivity. Getting it right is a win, win, win; happier employees, greater productivity and lower energy costs. Much the same can be said for other services such as hot water and heating too.’

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