We asked our people how we could enhance their employee experience, via the innovative Employee Engagement software – Wethrive*.

WeThrive were extremely easy to deal with from the outset. The set up of the system and formulation of the survey questions was very straightforward, whilst also providing the ability to enter useful free type responses, resulting in 100% of our staff completing the voluntary survey.

Our results showed an above-average engagement score of 76%, but our staff have given us an amazing amount of information to work with over the next few months to increase their engagement and autonomy, with a substantial number of resultant Management team actions already in place, and many further initiatives in development.

“Thank you to WeThrive for their platform and to all our staff who took the time to respond, which will be repaid in making Ergro an even better workplace of choice. We look forward to collecting the next set of responses in 6 months time to capture our progress.”

– Paul Martin Managing Director.