Since 2014 Ergro have been looking at ways to reduce their vehicle fleet emissions and have been at the forefront of trialling alternative fuel vehicles for our fleet.

The first of such vehicles was a 3 month trial of a fully electric Nissan ENV200, which was monitored closely by Nissan and even made its way to becoming famous in a video with TV builder Tommy Walsh!

Moving to a fully electric fleet has been a consideration of Ergro since that trial but until the infrastructure and mileage range of vans was a realistic solution, we continued to operate a full diesel fleet.

Fast forward 6 years and with an in-depth consultation with our engineers, as well as the arrival of Plug-in Hybrid technology for commercial vehicles, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the first batch of 6 Ford Transit Custom PHEV vans alongside a fully electric Tesla Model 3.

The Transit PHEV gives us an excellent mix of zero emission driving in full electric mode, for 30+ miles when operating in and around the London Ultra Low Emission Zone, and the added benefit of a clean petrol engine for longer trips.

A second batch is on order for delivery in Q1 2021 alongside some smaller Transit Connect Petrol vans which will further remove the reliance on diesel for all of our commercial fleet.

The next stage in our move to further reduce our emissions will be to take delivery of our first FULLY electric vans by Q3 2021, now that 200+ miles is on the horizon for commercial electric vehicles.

“Whilst there is always more that companies including ourselves can do to move towards a greener future, we believe that this significant investment in our fleet and the impact this will have is not only the right thing to do for carbon reduction, but also shows Ergro as leaders of the pack – especially in our sector!”

Chris Wollen – Ergro Chairman