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Meet Tristan Wright, our Finance Assistant

This week, our ‘get to know’ interview is with Tristan Wright, our Finance Assistant who joined us at the height of the Covid pandemic and has already moved into a finance role from his previous Office Administrator position…

What were you like in school?
“I was academic, I did well at school, not amazing but I did well. But I was naughty. Mum was up with the head teacher quite a few times and I almost got kicked out a couple times. I did get in a lot of trouble in school. They didn’t want to get rid of me because I was academic. I was naughty but clever about it. The same as here, I get on with my things but I like to wind people up.”

You’ve been at Ergro for over two years now, why Ergro?
“When I came here it seemed like a big change, that was my first proper office job and it gave me opportunities. I’ve just run with it since, and I love it.”

What’s the most challenging part of your role?
“Surprisingly, not actually to do with accounts, don’t get me wrong there are challenging parts when investigating accounts and dealing with the accounts, but its probably the vans. Getting the vans serviced or repaired, and the insurance. Dealing with them, you have to think about all the logistics with the engineers working, and deal with courtesy vehicles. Especially servicing, It’s frustrating. I do enjoy it though to be fair. If I wasn’t challenged, I wouldn’t like it. If I’m bored in a role, I end up hating it.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“I’ll be 27. If the progression is still here in 5 years, then hopefully somewhere near the top of the ladder here. I don’t want to settle to be honest, I just want to keep getting better.”