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Meet The Team – Mark McFarlane

This week we ‘meet’ Mark McFarlane, who has been working with us as a Service Engineer for several years now.

We caught up with Mark to ask how he is getting on and what life is like at Ergro…

Why did you choose Ergro?

I reached 50 three years ago and had been in the environment of building services engineering, working for a company mainly focused on heating. Everything was steady, and I even received recommendations and letters of praise that reached the Director, but there was no acknowledgment.

At that point, I thought, “They don’t deserve you; they don’t appreciate you.” I could have stayed, but at 50, I wanted a place to stay until retirement where I felt valued. I was with an agency, and when I mentioned finding a place where I’d be appreciated, they suggested Ergro.

I knew a bit about Ergro, and after some research, I found that I knew the Managing Director – Paul Martin – from 30 years ago. When I came for the interview, I discovered that lots of other familiar faces were also there and it felt like a reunion. They made me feel more welcome than where I was before.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When you reach 50, life’s not over by any means, but you don’t do what you did when you were 20. I used to go out a lot when I was younger, but nowadays a lot of my time is spent doing DIY and building for myself and looking after the elderly, my family. I’ve got an uncle that’s very close to me, I spend a lot of time with him. Family time. Him and my mother and my daughter, but I don’t see her as much now as she’s away at university.

Do you have any advice for new Engineers at Ergro?

I would suggest – Nobody knows everything about everything, someone told me that once. He said, ‘if you’re on a job and you’re stuck, have a go at it but get support because time is money. There will always be people to help, it’s a team effort