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Meet The Team – Danny Morris

Our Meet The Team this week focuses on one of our Heating Engineers – Danny Morris – who has been working for us since he was 18 years old. We took the time to catch up with him to get a glimpse of what his workday is like at Ergro and what his life looks like outside of his role…

Have you always wanted to be an engineer?
“No, I wanted to go to university but wasn’t sure what to what to study, then a family friend who worked for Ergro said about being a plumber and talking about how much money I could earn. Now that I’m soon to become a Gas Engineer I’m excited about what’s next at Ergro.
I’ve been with Ergro since I was 18 but have left a couple of times to go travelling. Loyalty keeps bringing me back.”

What is something guaranteed to make your day better?
“Simple things, like getting offered a cup of coffee by a client, or a nice simple drive home without all the stress of stand still traffic.”

You mentioned you like to travel, where have you travelled to?
“Australia for a year, New Zealand for 10 months and Canada for around a year. I’ve also done 3 months in Thailand. I wish I could still go and stay in hostels and travel but it’s a young man’s game now. Loved it though and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Do you have any particularly fond memories with Ergro?
“I’ve worked at some cool places like London Zoo and Coca-Cola. And I’ve also met some amazing people over the years.”