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Meet Paul – our Managing Director

This week our ‘Meet The Team’ feature is a chance to gain a slight insight into the world of Paul Martin, our Managing Director and team leader for over 13 years…

You’ve been with Ergro for over 13 years now, why are you still here?
“Because, I have had experience in working in large organisations and it can be a little bit like walking through treacle trying to get any decision made, or somebody plagiarising your idea. However, I can wake up in the morning and if I do have a good idea and the rest of the team is receptive, we can have it implanted by the afternoon. That is why I’m still here.”

What is something you thought would be easy until you tried it?
“The front crawl. I wanted to learn to do the front crawl properly, with the breathing and the technique. I saw somebody on holiday do it and though ‘he looks amazing!’, so I had one to one lessons with an instructor every Sunday and it’s a lot harder than it looks. My son Henry is a fish, and my wife does open water swimming, so I feel a little bit like a lightweight on holiday when they swim and wanted to make my swimming stronger. It’s not an easy stroke.”

What’s your favourite way to spend downtime? 
“Probably with my mates in the pub talking absolute nonsense. Not normally talking about work, just absolute drivel.”

Are you a creative person?
“I’d like to think I am; I might have the odd idea but no, I think there’s certainly more creative people in the business than me. I think I’m more of a logical person. I love a to-do list.”

Do you have any tips for success?
“I would say learn by your mistakes, most definitely because I have made a lot of mistakes in my past. Take every opportunity to learn from somebody else or have a mentor. “