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Meet Maggie – Ergro Projects Coordinator 

This week, we took a moment to catch up with our Projects Coordinator – Maggie Brewer, hoping to get a glimpse into her role within the team and her life outside of work.
How are you getting on at Ergro since you started 6 months ago?
“I am part of a team with Del and Mick, who have been very welcoming and have certainly made me lots of cups of tea to ensure I settled in nicely! Being a Projects Co-ordinator means I have a very varied role which is well suited for me, as I am always happy to get stuck in and help out my colleagues. From raising POs for engineers on site, to putting the final touches to procurement sheets at the end of a job, as well as everything in between. I feel I have now found my feet and hope to keep learning new skills with Ergro, as well as keeping up with the banter in the office, both of which make the job very enjoyable.”
What do you do to unwind after a long day?:
“I just see my dog. It’s always nice to have someone super excited to see you. She’s just happy you’re there.”
Tell us more about her?
“Pippin the cocker spaniel, who we named her after the hobbit from the Lord of the Rings. She has come into the office once on Blue Monday to bring some joy and happiness – which I’m pretty sure she did.”
You can speak fluent French, is that something you learnt at school?
“I lived in France from the age of 7, and then came back to England when I was 14. We still have the house in France and we will be going out there later this year.”
Is there anything you have on your bucket list?
“Skydive. I’ve done a bungee jump before and so a skydive feels like the next step, even though I’m scared of heights!”