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Meet Del – Senior Projects Manager

Our Meet The Team this week focuses on our Senior Projects Manager – Del Parcell who has been an important part of the Ergro group for 12 years now. We quizzed him about his motivations, his role and his life outside of the business…

You’ve been with Ergro for 12 years now, why are you still here?
“Every day brings a different challenge which excites me, and the fact that Ergro brings such a family feel is why I’m still here. We have a great team now, nice people, and that makes it a pleasure to come to work. That’s the main reason I’m still here. Because of the people.”

What makes your team run so smoothly?
“Communication is key. So everyone knows what they are doing, we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Great organisation, from Maggie in the office, it starts with Mags, through to the lads on the ground and obviously the orchestrating in the middle from myself and Mick and Chris making sure it all runs smoothly, keeping the client happy. That forms a great team.”

You are a stage performer in your spare time, what’s been the best show you’ve been a part of?
“It has to be Our House which is a Madness musical which was on at the West End for many years, so it’s a musical based around Madness songs. It’s about a lad who could go down two paths and its narrated by his dead dad, which is the part that I played. His life was a mess and he ended up in prison which is how he got killed, he’s trying to guide his son down the right path. One of the main reasons it was the best is the cast.”

What piece of advice would you give people?
“I have a few really but the main thing is to be kind. Life is too short, I don’t agree with rows and arguments. I remember my childhood like it was last week and I’m now 52. I tell two sons that the next 20 years will go so fast.”