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Meet Daya Gurung – Lance Corporal to AC Service Engineer

Having served in the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers Regiment and 24 Commando Engineers Regiment for over 11 years, Daya Gurung joined Ergro in 2015 as an Improver after leaving the British Army and is now an integral part of the Air Conditioning Service Team.

Whilst celebrating St David’s Day today – due to the close ties between the Gurkha community and their base town of Brecon in Wales, Daya takes part in this week’s Meet The Team insight interview…

Tell us about your career as a Gurkha?
“I was a Gurkha for 11 and a half years. I always wanted to be a Gurkha because my dad was in the British Army. He was based in Hong Kong, and some of my relatives like my uncle and cousins were ex-Gurkhas. It’s a cultural thing, everyone around you are Gurkhas. Although it wasn’t as I expected, I really enjoyed my time, the comradery and the people working together. There was always someone with you, looking out for each other.”

What made you want to move into the M&E industry?
“After 9 months of infantry training you get to choose which regiments you go to and I chose engineering, doing 3 months of Combat Engineering, and then you can select what trade you want to do. I chose air conditioning and that’s when I did my level 2 air conditioning course. It was about 18 months altogether, so a really intensive course. A long course, very tiring.”

How have you been finding your time as an Engineer with Ergro?
“I’ve been with Ergro since 2015 so it’s almost 8 years now. I love working with everyone, I’ve made friends here and I enjoy the company of the guys, especially my department, everyone helps each other out and you can talk to anyone in the office. I’m doing different things every day which keeps it interesting. I enjoy working with Ergro.”

What do you like to do outside of work?
“At the weekends I try and do some sports, I play football, any sports, but football really. I go for a jog every now and then and I have a son who’s 7 so I look after him and take him to parks.”