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Happy World Refrigeration Day!

World Refrigeration Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of refrigeration and the need for sustainable cooling solutions. Refrigeration plays a crucial role in many industries, keeping our homes, public facilities, and places of work cool in this warming climate.

Not cleaning your condenser or evaporator coil impacts its performance; if heat transfer is affected due to dirt and debris, it will impact how effective it is, causing it to increase energy consumption, which nobody wants, especially in today’s economic climate.

In addition to good maintenance practices, we would like to highlight some of the innovative ways we are assisting our clients to reduce energy consumption across their cooling and refrigeration assets. We have developed a framework of specialist sustainability partners who offer innovative technology that we can apply to our clients’ assets to improve their overall performance and reduce energy consumption.

To enhance the sustainability of Chillers, we have identified a Nano-fluid solution that can be dosed into the chillers closed water circuit to drastically improve the systems heat transfer efficiency.

To create more sustainable Air Conditioning systems, we have identified a retrofit compressor optimisation technology that allows the compressor to react dynamically to the buildings cooling load and reduce the run time of the unit without compromising the cooling output.

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