The Ergro team embark on their challenge for 2020 – by celebrating the UK, raising money for charity and getting fitter as we progress.

The CIA World Factbook states that the UK mainland coastline is 12,429km or 7,768 miles in length. The challenge is for our staff to walk, run, cycle or swim the equivalent length by the end of 2020!

Our team consists of 18 eager athletes, from various departments within the business, who are all logging their activities via the ‘HiMotiv’ platform.

To celebrate the milestones of this ‘UK tour’, we will be sharing celebratory facts about some of the towns we visit around the route. Our starting point… our home town of Dartford in Kent of course!

Dartford, located on the Thames estuary, is 18 miles South East of Dartford and twinned with Hanau, Germany and Gravelines, France.

As well as being the home town of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Pete Tong, the late Margaret Thatcher once lived in Dartford and unsuccessfully ran as MP for the town, in 1950’s

Home of the infamous ‘Dartford Crossing’, the town also boasts convenient access to major transport links such as the M25 and A2, as well as also being the birth place of our Managing Director, Paul Martin.