When people think of health and safety (H&S) the emphasis is usually on the physical risk, trips and falls, wearing PPE on site and preventing injury. While reducing accidents is the primary objective, the health, including mental health, and general well-being of our employees is just as important in ensuring a productive and happy workforce.

Occupational health

Occupational health is the catch-all term to describe the impact of work, both physically and mentally. In the first instance, this should cover the basics of H&S, making sure office space and any on-site work is risk free and that staff have the correct tools and protective equipment to carry out their role properly.

Beyond that, a good occupational health policy should cover employee well-being, both in direct relation to their role (making sure staff aren’t too stressed and that they get the support they need) and more generally; encouraging them to be active and eat well, as well as being sympathetic to issues they may be experiencing outside of the workplace.

The Ergro standard

Ergro considers H&S policy to be integral to the way we run our business; we are leaders in the field, as we see real value in terms of employee safety, productivity and staff retention.

Our QSHE Director, Lesley Quinn, works in partnership with Land Securities Continuous Improvement Group for Occupational Health, and is our driving force for the increasing amount of innovative occupational health incentives being introduced.

In October, we worked with Kent County Council and Well-being at Work, offering staff and local companies the chance for a free health screening. Click here for more information about the Well-being at Work event.

Fun initiatives to help motivate staff to be healthier include family sports days, sponsored cycle rides, staff competitions using fitness tracking technology like Endomondo and FitBit and ‘Fruity Friday’ – free fruit available on a Friday as a way to encourage staff to get their ‘five a day’.

Promoting health, safety and well-being, are not just ‘nice to haves’, for businesses that value and want to retain staff, a broad and considered approach to Occupational Health is an extremely important part of the operational plan.