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Blowing hot and cold

Our first job, when TEVA UK, one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the UK, approached us was to investigate hot and cold spots around the company’s offices in Harlow, Essex.

After inspecting all the installed air conditioning units we recommended a three month monitoring trial of the building’s temperature. We fitted mini USB sensors around the office and set up a text and email alert system to advise the building engineer when a fluctuation in temperature occurred. This allowed us to pinpoint any problem areas.

The results were fascinating as they showed that the majority of the building actually maintained a consistent comfortable temperature throughout the test period – the maximum recorded temperature differential being no more than 4° and this was only in an isolated event.

Certain areas were highlighted as having a high fluctuation in temperature throughout the working week so more vinvestigations were carried out analysing the results. After careful monitoring the problem emanated from staff in various locations around the site making ad-hoc decisions about heating management that caused an imbalance in the air conditioning.

Our recommendations were taken on board and the company now enjoys office-wide temperature stability.

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Teva UK - Ergro

I am very pleased with Ergro for solving this problem and have seen the calls to my office for temperature issues drop dramatically. The effects of the adjustments have far exceeded my expectations and I am over the moon with the results.

Jan Coe