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Taking learning in our stride

Academic environments present a number of challenges that Ergro is well versed to dealing with. Work carried out during term times needs to take account of the need to minimise disruption to learning as well as take into consideration the safety implications while working around large numbers of students and teachers moving around the premises.

In the case of Lambeth College we were tasked with ensuring that a boiler plant room fit-out was completed by the new academic year so our work also took place during the college recess. Our work involved removing out of date and dilapidated equipment and access challenges meant that old equipment needed to be broken down to be removed. Also, as is so often the case in these situations, asbestos was discovered. In order to meet the client deadline we installed temporary boilers so there were no knock-on disruption of the delays caused by the access and asbestos issues.

The client was kept informed throughout and fortnightly joint meetings ensured a smooth operation overall. All new pumps were inverter driven, which modulate for the required capacity of the building and save energy. We installed CHP units to increase energy efficiency for the new block. Overall, energy efficiency was improved and the client was pleased with the planning undertaken with the site manager to ensure that noise and disruption was kept to the minimum.

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The college is very proud of the new installation and we are already seeing improved performance in terms of heating outputs and lower utility bills.

Derek Victor

Director of Estates at Lambeth College

And that sums up how we operate, our job is to get the client the end result they want; a safe, economic, higher performance plant that they can be proud of.