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Banking on Ergro in a secure environment

Our team is used to working in secure, critical environments, such as data centres. The project for Guaranty Bank involved Ergro installing a standby generator to provide resilience for the electrical power supply to the site which supplied critical data storage – an essential in the online world!

This came with a need to work within a highly restrictive space which, without an ingenious solution, might have meant that major alterations would be required to the roof enclosure. We overcame this particular problem by providing an alternative generator that would fit into the space and not require major alterations to the roof enclosur.

To place the generator into position we needed to arrange for parking bay suspensions and road closures and for a crane lift to deliver the generator to the roof space. Our project managers are experienced at liaising with the relevant authorities and this made sure that the client wasn’t bothered with the detail of the arrangements and suffered limited disruption.

Because it was an occupied building and we had to work at evenings and weekends we arranged to take delivery of materials to further ensure that the client could rest assured that everything would run smoothly throughout the project. This extended to liaising with the relevant utilities to commission the new generator without any downtime.

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The client’s electrical supply resilience is now improved which has reduced the risk of disruption which means that the client can maintain its service to its customers. Ergro now has a contract to carry out the annual maintenance and service work.